A digital twin is a live, to scale, virtual representation of your value chain with all its complexity and variability.

Your unique digital twin allows for a better understanding of how your operations are performing in real time, as well as projecting probable future states based on the current trajectory of operations. As the digital twin is inclusive of all real world constraints, it provides an optimal decision making platform with a value chain perspective. This assists individual teams to meet their respective targets and ensure on time delivery at optimal cost, at the required customer satisfaction level.

Each digital twin is developed based on your organisation's current standard operating procedures, and has the ability to plug into any real time informational sources and IoT devices.

Key value drivers of developing a digital twin are:

  • Validating strategy prior to implementation, thereby reducing risk & OPEX spend.

  • CAPEX validation during design, prior to actual spend thereby limiting exposure.

  • Real time responsiveness to a fluid operational environment and shifting customer demand, thereby minimizing deviation from targets, plans, and budgets, as well as providing optimal recovery strategy.

  • Accurate value based costing and financial analysis based on Activity Based Costing principles, as a derivative.




Our experts can assist in your journey of digital transformation to future proof your business, whilst providing you a more integrated information architecture across your organization.


Our expertise stretch across all levels of Purdue's enterprise architecture. Our focus is to leverage your existing systems and technologies to better enact process automation and process control. This practise is sustained via a fit for purpose management information solution that drives executive strategy in real time. The MIS is governed by a scalable KPI framework which allows operations to optimally re-align back to OEE targets, basis near term supply chain deviation.


In short, we look to leverage what you have and facilitate thought around what information is needed across the value chain, as to exert optimal and sustainable value in real time. We pride ourselves on delivering an optimal platform to enable your operational team to effect short interval control.




Leveraging the power of your digital twin allows us to deliver value based outcomes taking into account real world constraints and supply chain variability.


Each digital twin doubles as a financial and economic model that delivers tangible and quantifiable results. This is a deviation from traditional consulting firms whose basis of improvement is based on excel models with unquantifiable assumptions.


As such our technology enable us to commit to value based projects with limited risk and exposure. We solve the complex problems that others can't